King of the Beverley Maize

Today I spent the day a the Beverley Maze with The Wife, The Boy, and some friends. If you haven’t encountered such a thing before, it is a large maze that has been cut in to a field of growing corn (or maize to identify the pun). In order to add to the challenge and fun of the exploration there are, dotted about the maze, some boards with quiz questions. By collecting the correct answers you can decode the final board at the exit of the maze and enter your self in to their competition.

We have been here in previous years and arrived this year for the opening day (yesterday), but due to spending too much time on all the other activities available on site, in combination with an increasingly niggly boy, we had to abandon the maze before we had found the last half of the boards. Unable to leave the puzzle unsolved we returned the very next day (today) and solved the maze! This time I thought that it would be fun to activate the GPS tracker on my phone and chart our progress. Apparently we achieved 1.12km in approximately 50 minutes.

The activities on the site have been extended each year and this year there is a giant inflatable pillow, which is exactly what the words mean. I think that we literally spent hours bouncing on its springy goodness which is a lot of fun, but exhausting. Next to the pillow is an inflatable slide. After a large number of circuits on the tail of The Boy, I perched myself at the top of the slide and availed myself of the view, lord of all I surveyed.

As a final note the ice-cream was delicious, and to quote Baz Luhrmann: “Wear sunscreen”! The Boy and The Wife were both sensible and The Boy wishes it to be known that I am a silly sausage pie.

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