I am David Parker, Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Hull.

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The Printer

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I have mentioned my 3d printer a few times on the blog now and I have been meaning to document the various modifications and the overall journey that I have taken with it.

So here it is.

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I have finally got the various bolts required to assemble the electronics in to the PixelBot chassis. So here she is.

I felt that I couldn’t just keep calling the PixelBot “the PixelBot”. So her new name is Smiler.

Open to Discussion

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In one of my previous posts on the value of blogging (http://goparker.com/post/2018-04-23-csblogs-and-blogging/) I remarked on how once a random internet stranger had left a comment that substantially improved the performance of the eGPU setup that I was blogging about. That was awesome, and I really think of it warmly.

It also occured to me as I wrote this that the way I had the blog currently setup, using static site generator Hugo (http://goparker.com/post/2018-05-08-github-pages-and-hugo/) I did not have the capability for people to leave comments.

This is where Staticman comes in.

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