Bored? Games! Christmas Bash 2022

alt text After a long pandemic hiatus, yesterday saw the return of the Bored? Games! Christmas Bash. Once again collaborating with the student Gaming Society and the Card and Board Game Society. There were mince pies and everything.

Somewhat tragically for me, I had a much less interesting meeting to attend, at least for the start. So, after I had set everything up I had to dash. Thankfully Simon was around to make sure that (Secret) Hitler was kept in check, the Magic Maze was conquered, and that the appropriate number of Skulls were avoided.

alt text

I did manage to get back before the end and I tried my best to avoid picking skulls, but after a promising start, I went out pretty early.

We also had the magnificent Taking the Hiss out to play which I set a high bar score to beat. When I returned from the meeting there was a very impressive score posted by Simon, which he was quick to reveal his trickery - using a wire to short circuit and avoid having to nagigate the pipes.

alt text

So although no one managed to knock me off the top, there was an impressive attempt by someone known only to the scoreboard as Ben, who managed 9567. If Ben happens to read this, I have a t shirt prize for him.

I also discovered that I had made a bit of a boo boo. The Quest 2 VR headset that I put out for Beat Saber, I had accidentally mixed up the touch controllers with another headset. On returning I corrected the error and we managed to get some block slashing in.

I ended up in a battle with Maya, who displayed some solid competence. We slashed away to Spin Eternally and by the end of the event she was comfortably in the lead. So congrats to her, a worthy challenger indeed. There is a t shirt waiting.

alt text

Anyway, I hope everyone had fun. I enjoyed myself and hopefully next time I won’t have a double booked meeting.

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