Global Game Jam 2023

alt text Global Game Jam was back this weekend just passed. This year the theme was Roots. There was a modest turnout, but games were made and fun (and learning) was had.

5 games made it to the submission site, and you can check them out here ( In the randomised order that they appeared on my screen they are:

Bugorant, made in Unity. A top-down shooter with networked multiplayer.

Root 66, made in Monogame. A top-down side-scrolling car-driving game with procedural obstacles.

Root Runner, made in Unity. A arcadey maths game where you have to solve square roots. Adorable animated character.

SICKHACKS.root, made in Unity. A hoverboard riding 3d game with stunts and jumps and Bezier curves. An alumni team that keeps coming back for more!

Stick it To ‘em, made in Unity. A Street Fighter-esque 2d fighting game, with stick figures.

It is always great to see the teams trying out new things each time, experimenting and building their knowledge and skill set. They all said that they will be up for the next one, so I will hold them to it!

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