I am David Parker, Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Hull.

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Damn Dirty Apes

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So Three Thing Game (http://threethinggame.com/post/2018-05-05-the-event/) took place last weekend and much fun was had by all. That link was an article I wrote chronicling the event including all the winners. There were a number of other great games made that didn’t place and hopefully they will all make their own blog posts about it because this is my blog so I want to talk about the great game that I made.

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Clearing Video

A while back I was asked by the digital marketing team whether I would feature in a promotional video for Computer Science and here it is! It speaks to the quality of the answers that I gave to their questions that what you see here is a subset of the whole of my ramblings.

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Frog poem

Under a rock and hidden deep, There lies a frog, he’s half asleep. He dreams no dreams of kingdoms far, But of being trapped inside a jar.   He tossed and turned throughout the night, Not cold, he shivered from his fright. The jar was sealed, the air was thin, Not much air was there within.   So he gasped and strived for a breath, And bravely waited for his death. [Read More]

Code snippet test

If you want to get the first fault tree in my ExampleFaultTrees object, then the following code is for you: var exampleFaultTrees = new ExampleFaultTrees(); topNode = exampleFaultTrees.getFaultTree(0); You first need to instantiate an ExampleFaultTrees object and then you can ask it for the zeroth element in its internal array of fault trees. You can then simply call the topNode’s draw function, giving it the 2d context of the canvas as a parameter to draw to. [Read More]