My DIY eGPU Project – The Hawk

Today my new graphics card arrived from eBay. It is a second hand MSI N460GTX Hawk which I picked up for a reasonable £79.02 including postage. This puts the running total for the eGPU project (not including bits that I had lying around) at £166.10.

So how does it perform? Well you may remember that I previously benchmarked both the integrated graphics of my laptop and a borrowed Geforce 9600GT in the eGPU adapter with the eGPU providing a splendid 3 times increase in the 3DMark06 score. The new champion weighing in at 7021 3DMarks is the Hawk, nearly doubling again (from 3654) the benchmark score.

Back in the land of zombies and the Resident Evil 5 benchmark program and it is a similarly rosy story. Up from 23.8fps to 55.2fps for the fixed test and up from 40.8fps to 92.9fps in the variable test compared to the 9600 GT in the eGPU adapter.

I consider these to be excellent results, and they extend to real game experiences as well: Civilization V looks rather lovely with all the settings maxed out, something I had not experienced before now.

So what is next for the project? As mentioned previously I still need to fit all of this into some kind of enclosure to tidy it all up into a nice package. If have a few ideas, but if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

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