Three Thingian Gamesody

The first (of many?) music covers to entice the masses to Three Thing Game. This is for the 12th and 13th May 2017 event.

Inspired by Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.


I’ve heard about a fabulous event.
Three Thing Game! Three Thing Game! It’s an excellent game jam.
Teamwork, food, and coding and it’s CV loading too!
Three Thing Ga-ame! (Three Thing Ga-ame!) Three Thing Ga-ame! (Three Thing Ga-ame!) Three Thing Game it’s wonderful. You all should goooooooo.
I want to go now, when can I sign up?
Registration’s open, bring your teams and sign up!
I’m so excited to see what you make!
If I come, if I go, will you stop these videos?
Oh, just say Yes! And come and do your best.
(I could go) Oh say yes! Put yourself to the test
(I could go) Just say yes! Compete against the rest.
(I will go) There’ll be no regrets.
(I will go) Sign up all your friends.
(Sign me uuuuuup!) Three Thing Game Is Coming Soon!
Three Thing Ga-ame! Three Thing Ga-ame! Three Thing Ga-ame! All should go!
See David now, he‘s got a registration form for you-uu, for you-uu, for you!!!!!!!

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