Last Three Thing Game

Another in the line music covers to entice the masses to Three Thing Game. This is for the 3rd and 4th November 2017 event.

This one features clips of the top four games from the previous event… last Three Thing Game


Caffeine drinks lay all around,
Next to crisps and sweetie mounds
Cursor’s blinking on the screen
There’s a bug, what does it mean?

Code is swimming through our heads
Bodies yearning for our beds
But we’re working through the night
Cause the deadline’s really tight

We have got three things
And we need to make a ga-ame
This is fun, we shout
But we’re running out of time

Last Three Thing Game
We had octopai and ink
Octopuses though I think
Llamas jumping over things

Last Three Thing Game
ASCII text was all the rage
Occlusion shading was engaged
And Psionic battle raged

Last Three Thing Game
Tomato ketchup made in space
In a psychedelic race
Spinning with balletic grace

Last Three Thing Game
Blossom Bakeries made pies
All procedurally, nice!

This Three Thing Game
Do it all again

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