Fresh Fish

alt text This post is a bit of a two for one.

Firstly, I thought that I would say hi to all the new students joining us this week at the Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Hull.

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3D Printed Maze

alt text Today I presented a session in our new students induction called “Building Your Brand” which was broadly about how to develop your profile in a way that supplements everything that you are explicitly learning on your degree programme. In preparing for it I came across something that led me to an interesting diversion.

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Open to Discussion

alt text

In one of my previous posts on the value of blogging ( I remarked on how once a random internet stranger had left a comment that substantially improved the performance of the eGPU setup that I was blogging about. That was awesome, and I really think of it warmly.

It also occured to me as I wrote this that the way I had the blog currently setup, using static site generator Hugo ( I did not have the capability for people to leave comments.

This is where Staticman comes in.

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